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Expert Legal Strategy

Our firm is a team of talented criminal defense attorneys. Although criminal cases range from relatively straightforward offenses to complex and heavily litigated charges, we utilize the same deliberate approach in each case. We have a disciplined balance of relentless advocacy and pragmatism developed only through experience.


Organization and Efficiency

Our attorneys manage their cases with the latest industry-standard tools, including MyCase and Westlaw. Our software tools help us gather facts and evidence quickly, conduct a more rigorous analysis, develop more sophisticated strategies and ultimately make better decisions. Our firm is designed to focus our collective efforts on your case.


Responsive to Your Needs

We prioritize engaging with our clients throughout the pendency of their case. Our firm has a responsive support staff in order to deliver reliable access to our attorneys. Further, our software tools allow us to engage with our clients whether they are on a desktop, laptop or smartphone.


The results say it all.

We’re proud of our reputation for doing a great job. Thank you to our many clients who have kindly offered to tell you what it’s like to work with us.




My initial thoughts about Mr. Van Valkenburgh were ones of relief and comfort. Finally someone who is willing hear me. Finally someone who is willing to speak for me when I can’t. Finally someone who is willing to fight for me. He trusts me enough to go to bat for me therefore I trust him wholeheartedly with the best interest of my case. If you’re looking for someone who knows what they’re doing and actually cares, he’s your guy.

–Krystabel Pitts


I contacted Carson because I needed to resolve my case as quickly as possible and my representation at the time was not being responsive. He responded to my inquiry soon after I emailed him, gave me a call, and told me he’d work to file the necessary paperwork in court the very next day. He drafted the documents, had me sign them, and took care of everything within 48 hours of initially contacting him, all for a very reasonable fee. Most importantly, I deeply appreciated that he was professional, empathetic, and took the time to listen to me and provided detailed but concise explanations of the process. It was such a huge relief to feel like I had someone on my team who was not only highly competent but cared about doing everything he could do to help me. I would highly recommend Carson and his associates to anyone who is looking for a skilled and compassionate lawyer to be on their team.

–Alexander Gow


Carson is an amazing lawyer. One of the best out there.

–Kurtis Allred

I hired this law firm to take on my case they are very dedicated to their clients and really put in the time and effort to get the right out come for their clients. I highly recommend them for their legal services.

–Curtis Lobdell


Never mind the state I was in or the reasons behind why I found myself in that position. I was under arrest for DUI. At my arraignment the next day, I was approached by a willing attorney who would take my case for the mere fee of $500. I had heard all the advertisements, even knew some people going through this. Little did I know the complexity of what I was facing. After a little research, I found Carson Van Valkenburg at Van Valkenburg James, P.S. Carson’s willingness to carefully evaluate the evidence combined with his knowledge of the law kept me grounded. The objective was clear, to achieve the best possible outcome for me. This was achieved with the dismissal of the charges against me. Carson Van Valkenburg provided legal advice and guidance during the most difficult situation of my life. I found him to be experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive. With the enormous gravity of what lay before me, I always felt reassured that my situation was in the hands of the most capable, trustworthy and competent attorney around. I was promised by the firm I selected that they would work toward the best possible outcome for me. For the duration of the process, I always felt re-assured that Carson was clearly focused and working hard on my case. I was routinely amazed at the diligence and attention to detail given on my behalf. There would be no detail over-looked. The strategy was clear. Throughout the entirety of the proceedings, I never felt un-informed or confused. Carson’s dedication and professionalism absolutely delivered the best possible outcome for me.


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