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What We Do | Spokane Law Firm / VV LAW / Criminal Defense / Civil Litigation
  • This is what we do.

    Van Valkenburg James, P.S. specializes in everything from criminal defense to juvenile dependency throughout Spokane and Eastern Washington. We work precisely and cost-effectively to find an agreeable resolution to your legal case, in any of these areas:

Criminal Defense

Our team of attorneys specialize in criminal defense. We represent individuals charged with DUI, domestic violence, drug, assault, property offenses, and sex crimes.


Vacate, Expunge, and Seal Criminal Records

We help you move forward in your life by cleansing your criminal record. You may be eligible to either vacate, expunge, or seal your criminal record. Our firm believes that you should not be forever saddled by a criminal conviction. If you are eligible, we can help relieve that burden by getting your record(s) dismissed, destroyed, and/or hidden from public view.


Restoration of Gun Rights

Our firm specializes in the restoration of gun rights, recognizing the importance our clients place on gun ownership. If you are eligible, our firm is committed to ensuring your gun rights are restored.


Traffic Infractions

If you’ve been cited for a traffic infraction, we help you challenge the infraction–with the goal of keeping the infraction off your driving history, avoiding increased insurance costs and reducing fines and penalties.


Juvenile Dependency

We represent parents and families throughout Eastern Washington in matters involving Child Protective Service agencies, also called juvenile dependencies. Your parental rights are at stake if you are being investigated by CPS, or if your child has been removed from the home. We know that every day apart from your child is a day too long. Our attorneys will provide you with a sense of calm, in an otherwise painful and frustrating process, while at the same time fighting to reunify your family.



Personal Injury

Our team helps injured individuals and small businesses obtain fair and just compensation for a variety of serious injuries and economic losses.  We are recommitted to helping you recover from the resulting emotional, physical and financial damages of such incidents.

  • Catastrophic injuries
    • spinal cord injuries
    • traumatic brain injuries
    • wrongful death
  • Medical malpractice
    • misdiagnosis and/or failure to treat
    • birth trauma due to medical error
    • botched surgeries
    • failure to follow the appropriate standard of care

Employment Discrimination

We represent employees who have been subject to unlawful employment practices navigate in a variety of workplace issues and civil rights claims, including:

  • Unlawful termination
    • discrimination based on protected class status
    • retaliation for engaging in protected activity, e.g.:
      • participating in a workplace investigation;
      • requesting medical accommodations;
      • engaging in labor union activities;
      • reporting harassment or supervisor misconduct; or
      • utilizing paternity or maternity leave.
  • Workplace harassment
    • hostile work environment
    • sexual harassment
    • employer abuse


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